Urmas Rinne Security Consulting Ltd. offers expertise and a wide-ranging security assistance in security-related matters for enterprises operating in that area or planning to establish themselves there. The security consultation available consists of the following elements:

  • assistance in working out business security programs and plans
  • security situation reports
  • planning and implementation of security training courses
  • liaison with Russian law enforcement and other authorities
On the basis of the agreement with the Russian partners the following services can be provided:
  • assistance in dealing with Russian official documents
  • security vetting in recruitment
  • background information on persons and enterprises
  • liaison with St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Area authorities
  • protective services for premises, personnel and transport
  • assistance in solution of security problems, for instance threads, extortion, collection, disengagement from problematic situations with criminal gangs, etc
  • organization of business travel and security arrangements required